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OneSignal Notification

Required For Setup

  • A OneSignal Account, if you do not already have one
  • Your OneSignal App ID, available in Keys & IDs
  • A Google/Firebase Server API Key
  • A device or emulator that has Google Play services installed and updated on it
    • Device will not subscribe or receive push notifications with out this

Getting your Firebase Cloud Messaging token and Sender ID

  • Click the Gear icon in the top left and select “Project settings” in your Firebase Console Account
  • Select the “CLOUD MESSAGING” tab.
  • Save the two values listed:
  • You’ll need your Server key and Sender ID.

Configure your OneSignal app’s Android platform settings

Go to Settings and press the Configure button to the right of Google Android.

Paste your Google Server API Key and Google Project Number in here and press Save.

Gradle Configuration

Go to Settings and press Keys & IDs.

Update onesignal_app_id value with your OneSignal app id